The 30 Day Challenge provided by Russell Brunson of ClickFunnels is a mission critical challenge that provides anyone the opportunity to build an online business. The tasks and missions have been carefully mapped out, the training and coaching team is amped and geared up and the training videos, worksheets and resources are in place…and all that is needed is participation.

Today is about setting the foundation of the One Funnel Away Challenge.  This 30 Day challenge is a kick-in-the-pants for those aspiring online marketers who need some hand holding on their journey to getting started to building a profitable online business.

Today’s message is about BELIEF. Russell explains that the #1 think that determines how well one does in this challenge is whether they believe they can do this. He goes on to state that without belief, failure is inescapable.

As part of the challenge, participants are to complete a workbook that helps to guide us on our journey.  Today’s actions are able fears and how to crush them…

Fear #1: I am afraid that my squirrel syndrome will keep me from accomplishing my goals.

I will crush that fear by: reminding myself to stop standing in my own way and continually be diligent in my pursuit of building an online set of profitable businesses.

As a previous blog post described, I have diagnosed myself with having what I call Squirrel syndrome…as I assume many other people, namely entrepreneurs, have this as well. In a nutshell, you chase too many ideas at the same time, yet not a single one gets finished. I tend to have an overactive mind that is constantly coming up with ideas to making money online.

For me, I am well aware of my condition, or should I call it, my insanity. Therefore, I have changed my mindset to focus on one of my master ideas until I see it to completion and then I can move onto the next idea. This is easier said that done, but I am vowing to myself and you that I will keep my promise and see my goals, one by one, to completion. If you feel this way too – I would love to commiserate!

Fear #2: I am afraid that I won’t focus on the best path to being profitable, but rather on one that may lead to failure.

I will crush that fear by: being strategic, emulating what successful people are doing and making daily progress on the best path.

This is a bit confusing, but what I mean about this fear is that I am sometimes overconfident that all of my big ideas will be gold. I tend to run down paths towards big goals that may never really see the light of day. What that means is I need to be humble and realize that if I fail to plan, then I should plan to fail. I am not scared of failing, because as Russell Brunson often says – failure is part of the process. Just as most of his funnels failed in the beginning, it is a matter of being strategic and try try try again to perfect imperfection. I totally agree with this and plan to expect failure, however not plan on it. I want to be strategic, but yet not afraid to take imperfect action. Daily progress is the key for me…I work a full time corporate job, have 3 children and a husband, love social activities, am the total soccer mom and do lots of marketing favors for many. Thus, my time is super limited, however daily progress is my focus and that is what is keeping me going from day to day. I can’t be upset by the results I didn’t get by the work I didn’t do.

Fear #3: I am afraid that I will lose my corporate job due to continual layoffs before I accomplish my goals and therefore have to focus all of my time on finding a new corporate job.

I will crush that fear by: keeping my goals as top of mind and never giving up until I achieve them. Failure is not an option.

I have to admit, I love my corporate job and you may think – why on earth am I trying so hard to build a side business online. Well, I have always had the entrepreneurial spirit. In fact, I used to write and sell poems to Jr. High boys so they could give them to their girlfriends…and through the years, I have always had some sort of side scheme going on. I love it, I’m obsessed with it and I can’t get enough of it. However, in my early corporate days, I got conditioned to believe that owning your own business was too much of a headache and less secure. Therefore, I stayed and worked my way up the corporate ladder. I love my boss, my role and my team at my current job. But, working for a major Fortune 500 tech company has its downfalls. For instance, layoffs on a routine basis. I can’t even tell you how many people have come and gone over the years. I hope to keep my corporate job as long as I need it, however corporate layoffs are generally not in my power. So my fear is that I lose my corporate job, which is my steady family-needed income, and then scramble to find a new corporate gig. This would take away all of my spare time and I will have to put these goals of an online business on the shelf for a while. I am focused on not letting that happen, which means urgency is the key. I tend to wait for perfection, the right timing and when I have all of my ducks in a row. But after listening to countless podcasts and videos of Russell Brunson and his circle of millionaires, it is clear that taking imperfect action is the best tactic.

I am capable of succeeding because: I know I have what it takes to be an online profitable entrepreneur with my skills, aptitude and knowledge.

When and if I am stuck, I will: clear my mind of obstacles and focus on my WHY, as well as prevail through daily progress and taking imperfect action.

Every time I feel a doubt or insecurity, I will remember that: it is only a matter of when!

So there you have it, Day 1 of the pre-training missions: complete. I believe this is going to be a fun challenge. I hope I can keep up with the work and finding time to focus on these missions.  Follow along and let’s find out how I do.