This 30 Day Challenge is getting exciting, we’ve paved the way by laying the groundwork down over the last couple of weeks. A lot of what was provided is from Russell Brunson’s Expert Secrets Book, which is a must read if you are ready to embark on your making money online journey.  Even better, I got this book for free! Who else wants this book for free?  I read it cover to cover and put post-it notes every step of the way so I can go back and reference these items in the future. I don’t read often, but I read this book and was amazed at how many tactics, tips, tricks and methods were provided in this book to help anyone start, grow and scale a business online. It is definitely a book worth reading.

Today’s challenge got me super excited, yet nervous all at the same time. You see, I think I have a lot to say about my journey, my knowledge, skills and  know-how…but actually putting your voice out into the world is a bit scary, to say the least.  What if not one listens, what if I sound like a buffoon, what if I get ‘haters that are gonna hate’ OR worse, what if I waste my time. However, all I need as confirmation that building channels to get my voice heard is a critical step to my online marketing journey, is to look at what others are doing and have done before me.  I have been listening to numerous podcasts of those who I hope to emulate in the online space and every single one of them have put their voices out into the world. They drop down their guard, they tell vulnerable stories and they aren’t afraid to let the world know when they fail. In fact, they tend to enjoy telling the stories of how they got to be as successful as they are – with most of their journeys having lots of failure, tears and hurdles – yet pressed on and prevailed. Don’t you get truly inspired by these types of stories too?

I listened to a speaker one day over 10 years ago that told us that we need to “get comfortable with the uncomfortable” and although the thought of that is scary, it was so true.  If we allow our selves to step outside our comfort zones, real transformation can finally happen. If we stay inside our safe zone and never take any risks or chances, we will never change the current habits that keep us bound to safely. How are you will doing things you are uncomfortable with? But action towards doing things that we aren’t comfortable with actually makes us grow in ways we never thought were possible. So I’m ready to get comfortable with the uncomfortable and get my voice out into the world.

This week, we need to choose our platform.  There are three ways people consume information – video, audio and text. Which means, there are three ways to get your voice heard – video, audio and text. Depending on what you are comfortable with, will determine which channel is best for you.  I like to focus on what is easiest for me, but eventually, when I have more time, I want to do the trifecta. What is the trifecta, you ask? Well, it is doing a video with you on camera. Then, you take the video and use it on channels like Facebook, YouTube, Vimeo, as well as use it on sales pages, courses, etc. You can extract the audio from the video, and put the audio on podcasting platforms. Finally, you can have the audio transcribed and put the text into close captions, blogs, ebooks, etc. So the ultimate goal is the trifecta of recording 1 time, but getting content for all channels. Isn’t that amazing?

BUT – let me stop you and tell you that I don’t like being on camera. I stumble my words, I lose my train of thought, I go down rabbit holes, I digress and worst – I have long and awkward pauses when it should be more flawless. This takes practice and one day, I will get there – but if I’m going to get started right away, I can’t wait for one day. I’m going to take imperfect action and make progress.

For me, the best is audio, so I’m going to choose my main method to get my voice out into the world is to podcast. What is great about podcasting is that I don’t have go be on camera, which is great for me. I work a corporate job from home, so I don’t have to get all gussied-up every morning with makeup and a nice hair-do. I just roll out of bed, brush my teeth, get my 3 kiddos up and ready for school and to the bus stop. Then, I’m back to laptop life in my home office. So if I’m going to my lunch breaks and create a podcast, it works perfectly for someone like me. However, if I worked in an office – I’d use my travel in the car time as my podcasting time. But for me, I can do it from my office or home.

Russell Brunson gave me a great idea for podcasting platforms to get started. He suggests a free tool called This tool provides everything you need to get started on setting up and running your very own podcast channel. Per his instructions, I set my profile up and got my channel framed out. Now, I just need to get started with my podcasts. Exciting, scary but profound if I can get it going and stick with it.

How many of you love recording yourself live on video? If you do, then you can take advantage of Facebook Live, Instagram Insta Stories and even YouTube has a live stream function. How many of you love to write? Blogging is for you and you can use a platform called I would love for any of you listening to get your channel started as well. Let’s keep each other posted and accountable.

I’m excited.