Have you ever purchased something and then immediately had buyer’s remorse? Well, I decided to make a purchase yesterday, one that could potentially transform my life, and I waited 24 hours to determine how I felt about it. Do I have buyer’s remorse or do I have a confidence that this decision was not only a great one, but also one that could be a game changer in my life.

The answer is the latter, I have the utmost confidence that I made the right decision yesterday…one I made on a whim…one that could be a stepping stone to answered prayers. So what was this big purchase? A ticket to Funnel Hacking Live 2019!

You are probably asking yourself – what the heck is Funnel Hacking Live and why am I journaling about it? Let me tell you. You see, I am a classic dreamer. I am a person who has a head filled with ideas…lots of them in fact. One idea sometimes manifests into numerous ideas and before I know it, I have lists upon lists, notes upon notes…of ideas. Ideas for…business…money…passion…financial freedom and so much more.

I believe that we have to ask ourselves WHY about our motivations. Why are we striving to go after our dreams…why are we placing so much time and effort into following our dreams.  For each one of us, it is a different reason of why. For me though, it is my family. I have a big beautiful family that I want to ensure are taken care of…I want to leave a legacy for my children and childrens’ children. I know that I have what it takes, but I have to focus on getting past just dreaming about it and actually start making progress.

I believe that God has given each one of us a set of talents that we should be using to serve others. Talents that sometimes go dormant, forever. But what if we could take our talents and turn them into steady income streams. Income streams that not only can help your immediate and extended families become financially free, but also help thousands of other people along the way?

So back to Funnel Hacking Live 2019 – what is it? There is this guy named Russell Brunson from Idaho…a seemlingly typical looking, ordinary young guy from the looks of him. But if you get the opportunity to read about him, learn more about his successes and even get immersed with his knowledge sharing courses and videos, you will soon find out that he is not an ordinary guy…not at all.  I can’t even imagine his net worth, but what I do know is that he has this magical power to help thousands of people become millionaires. No, he doesn’t have a magic wand and waves it over a person to instantly give them millions of dollars. Russell has a service-based business, where he literally provides the training, tips and tools to help people, through hard work and sacrifice, into self-made entrepreneurs with the potential to make hundreds of thousands of dollars. Yeah – a legend in the internet marketing space. A guy – I want to know, personally!

Why you ask? Well, have you ever heard the advice that you have to surround yourself with those you want to emulate? It is great advice, but how is it that not that many people follow it? I totally believe in seeking wiser council. Ask those who have paved the way already what the secrets are to making their uterly astonishing, ground-breaking, game-changing and life-transforming sauce. So that is what I intend to do. To surround myself with self-made millionaires and be in the presence of Russell Brunson.

So no, at this moment, I have no regrets on buying my ticket to Funnel Hacking Live 2019. At this moment, I have never built a funnel. I have never used a sales funnel outside of my corporate job(s). I know a little, about a lot of various internet marketing topics, tactics and skills…but I haven’t used it quite yet…to follow my dreams. But I will. I will learn it. I will become the sales funnel architect that I so want to be.

Follow my journey. See if I can put action behind my words. Watch my dreams come true.