A few posts ago, I told you about my idea to start a journey with Roku where I will launch a business dedicated to building, launching and managing TV channels and shows on StreamingTV or ConnectedTV devices like Roku, Amazon Fire TV and others.

I have been working relentlessly over the past week trying to get a lot accomplished so I hit my target goal of having a launched business by the time I go to Funnel Hacking Live, which is only 20 days away from today. So I’ve set myself up for a huge task of getting a lot done. So let me give you an update as to where I am in the process.

On January 17th, I literally woke up and decided to launch a Roku channel development business, which is similar to a TV network, where I help people launch their own Roku TV channels. Since then, I have taken 4 video-based on-demand video courses and am not certified in developing Roku channels, as well as running my own agency of sorts. If you know me personally, you know that I really don’t have a whole heck of a lot of time to spare in my daily life. But what I’ve learned is that if we all take a step back and look a where we spend our time – we can see where our priorities lie. So what I’ve done is I’ve taken a step back and looked at where my time was spent and cut out anything that was keeping me from following my dreams. So in my case, watching Lifetime and Hallmark movies in the evenings for hours or attending social activities I really don’t have to attend and other things like that. I of course, have a full time job which is a priority at the moment, as well as three young kids under the age of 10 who are still in a somewhat high maintenance stage. I ensure they are taken care of and my household duties are somewhat staying afloat, but I have spent every single evening, weekend and more dedicated to learning Roku, Roku channel and show development, how to run my own agency, and building out the business so it is ready to go over the next 3 weeks. I still have so much to do, but it is getting super excited. At the moment, I’m building my own Roku TV channels so I can test everything, understand what it all entails and possibly earn some ad revenue at the same time.

The business I’m building will have several product or service offerings. One will be a on-demand, instructor-led course that shows anyone how to build their own Roku TV channels on their own. The key here to note is that anyone can actually go out and build their own channels right now, but without a coding background or someone to help you, it is actually more difficult than they lead you to believe. What I’m teaching is how to use a product that makes it easy to launch and manage your own TV channels without coding and surprisingly not much time invested. Now, of course, there is a learning curve, and it is always nice to have someone teaching you who you can lean on for questions and guidance. I would love to teach people on how to do this. I have already built out an extremely robust curriculum and I have already started recording instructional videos this week.

Another piece will be a coaching program, where I hold their hand in learning and setting up their channels. Which means, they have access to the course mentioned above, but I also do coaching calls and intensive workshops to ensure they are learning and I’m right beside them to get their channels going. What I’ll also include are templates, resources and many things offered to ensure success.

I will also have a consulting program, where I will build the entire TV Channel, or channels if they want multiple, and publish their shows for them. This will be a super comprehensive package that will include everything needed to ensure they have a TV channel launched and maintained with no headache to them. The only thing they need to provide are the videos and I do all of the rest.

One other thing I’m considering is a continuity membership program called the TV Vault, that will contain many resources, DFY templates and more for those who are building channels, as well as running a development agency.

So wow, right? I already have pricing and I’ve done some forecasting and honestly, if all goes well, this should be a pretty profitable business endeavor. The goal is have something unique to offer attendees at this conference I’m attending. The other goal is to start earning profit with more of a quicker win as you know I hope to launch a coaching program where I teach ordinary people to become extraordinary online entrepreneurs. If I can get some capital from this Roku development business, then I’ll be even closer to starting that business.

I secured a name for my TV business, as well as reserved all of the domain names needed. Today, I’ll be designing the logo, as well as begin work on the website. The final thing, will be to wrap all of these products with a fully automated sales funnel so I can start getting major leads.

Are you tired from just hearing this? haha Well, if you can’t tell already, I’m certainly not afraid of hard work. I can’t wait to give you further updates soon. If all goes well, within a week, I’ll announce and launch the name of my website so you can go check it out.