I’ve spent the last week or so giving some tips on how to get your voice heard, as well as how to start a podcast.
Today, I wanted to give you some insight to my journey and how it is going. As I mentioned in an earlier episode, I have clarity on some of the online business efforts that I’m working on. This week, I had an epiphany on what I should be focusing on over the next month. As you know, I’m attending an event called Funnel Hacking Live, where I hope to grow in my knowledge, expertise and journey of learning sales funnels. I will also have the opportunity to mingle and network with thousands of people who were ordinary workers just like me, who through the power of ClickFunnels, were able to take their businesses to not just the next level, but some became millionaires.
I had a lightbulb moment when I realized I needed a 30 second introduction when I meet someone at this event. They surely will be asking ‘so what do you do’ and I want to ensure I have something compelling to say. Sure, I can tell them that I work a full-time corporate job for a Fortune 500 IT company where I do sales enablement for our company’s workplace and mobility portfolio. But they are not going to get excited about that. I want to be memorable, I want them to ask me questions and more importantly, I want them to want to stay connected and possibly work with me. I want to really ensure that I get the most out of this event to not only obtain leads, but clients as well. To me, that would a win-win. However, the three core audiences that I am developing a business around is going to be really cool for the masses…but unfortunately, not as cool for this group. Why, you ask? Well, it is because my online business that I’m working falls into the making money online space. My business, once complete, will be a great way to impact ordinary people and help them become extraordinary online business owners. I would guess that over half of the people attending this event, also do somewhat of the same product offering that I’m hoping to do. And if they don’t, it is close. You see, I’m brand new in this space as far as having my own side hustle business that is in existence. So why on earth would they care about making money online, when most of these people are already doing that. Not to mention, the point of them going to this conference is for that same reason. They would be better suited at this time to mingle and connect with one of the millionaires who has a tried and true method already in place. I’ll get there, I have no doubt. However, I want to ensure I do it right so it is going to take a few months.
Which brings me to my ephiphany. I was getting ready for bed and trying to fall asleep, but I kept thinking about my 30 second introduction. I literally sat straight up in bed and it hit me exactly what I needed to work on. One thing I do year-round is I am constantly learning new tools and software. Right now, you’d laugh at how many things I’m trying to learn. I’m learning a couple programs that build mobile apps including Adobe XD, I’m learning an ebook creation software, how to develop portals in Microsoft Teams, as well as many other tools. I’m such a nerd in this way. I’m a terrible test taker, but put a new program in front of me and I tend to thrive more times than not. In fact, I just got certified as a content author of BrainShark, which my corporate company uses for sales enablement. My point is, I have one program that I’m learning that is somewhat of a game-changer in the TV space. One that is used to develop and launch brand new TV channels on Roku and Fire TV. I’ve been dabbling with it for a few weeks and after doing some research, I have realized that if I can learn it, I would be ahead of the majority of the population.
So my ephiphany was to create a service offering, mastermind program, course and consulting business by the time I leave for Funnel Hacking Live. Now, this is a pretty steep goal if you ask me. That only gives me 5 weeks. However, I have been keeping up with my corporate work, keeping my family responsibilities afloat and I’ve been able to spend every single evening and spare time working on this new venture. So why do I think this would be a great thing to pitch at this conference? Well, here is the reason. There will be 4500 entrepreuners at this event. Most of which, are trying to build authority in their space. A few episodes ago I talked about getting your voice heard – well, the majority of the successful entrepreneurs attending this event have mastered the art of getting their voice heard. In fact, they have social proof of their businesses everywhere across social media, podcasts, YouTube and so many more avenues. But they don’t have a TV channel like one they could have on Roku.
Now you are probably wondering what is the hype of Roku. Roku is the most viewed TV on-demand platform. Currently, there are more than 26 million Americans watching Roku daily. YouTube may be the number one place for short videos. But Roku is the most popular choice for watching TV programs. 1 in 3 devices in American households has Roku installed, even more than Apple TV. Roku users stream an average of 48 hours per month, which is much higher than the US average number of hours spent watching regular TV. A lifehacker poll of 10,000 video streamers placed Roku #1, ahead of Apple, Chromecast, Playstation and XBox. And right now, Roku is like when YouTube first began. Hardly any competition and millions of viewers already. The best part is that these channels are monetized and the more viewers you get, the more ad revenue you receive.
If I can be a pioneer in this space, I could have the leading edge on building Roku channels, as well as coaching and consulting others to build their own. If I chose the consulting route, I could offer a service to build someones Roku channel for them at a price tag of $10,000, and charge them for every time they want to publish a new video. What is great is that, companies and solopreneurs are spending well above $10,000 to get channels built and ready for viewing so I’d be able to come in at a cheaper rate, as well as make money at the same time. The other thing is to create a coaching aspect where I build out a series of courses on how to build these too. I’m documenting everything I’m doing and creating video course content so that I can help others learn how to use the software and how to do every single step without having the headache of trying to learn it all from scratch, like I have had to do. I could also offer a membership site to those building out or launching their own channels where I have an inventory of content, thumbnails, checklists, cheat sheets, graphics, sound bytes, etc. for them to use to enhance their channels each month. The sky is the limit here, but for me this makes the most sense in why this would be a great thing to launch right before I head to Nashville for this conference.
My 30 second elevator introduction can be focused on how I help companies and solopreneurs launch their very own TV channel on platforms like Roku and Fire TV, and more to come. Now I don’t know about you, but that sounds pretty cool to me…and I am in excitement mode about all of this. What is even neater is that I have one aspect of this where I can help people build channels without them having to create programs and how to show them how to repurpose videos that other people have already created. Pretty neat eh?
Okay, so that is where my journey is today. I’ll be spending every waking moment building out publishing my first channel, building out my entire program and getting a site and funnel fully functional within 5 weeks. Tall order, but just imagine how cool it would be to get a couple clients from this trip. I’d be happy with 5 to 10 people merely signing up for my course. To me, that would be worth it. And if it takes off, then even better.
I have already reserved the name for this business venture and it is called TV Profit Maximizer, so if you start hearing me talk about it – that is what I’m talking about. Stay tuned, I really really really hope I have some great success with this new project. I plan to have may side businesses, but it would be cool to have the first one really take off from the get-go.