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Powerful Online Profit Streams Part 3

5. Logo and Design Contests
There are a surprisingly large number of logo and design contests to be found online. If you are good with image creation using digital or traditional tools, then you will want to keep an eye out for these contests. Each contest is not just a chance to make money – some of the prizes can get quite large – but also to get your name out and in the spotlight.

As with all the highly-creative methods to make money, you will need a goodly bit of imagination and aesthetic sense to pull this off, not to mention the actual technical skills. Many logo contests are held by companies looking to modernize their look, and that means you will need to get a good grasp of the contemporary art styles.

Unlike in graphic design, logo and design contests will constrain you with rules and requirements. However, you can also view these not as restraints but as guideposts to help you direct your energies more efficiently.

Remember that your art will face much analysis and criticism, but if you do win, then it was well worth it. You will need to bring your A-game every time, should you choose to pursue this path.

Remember to review the rules and regulations of the contests, specifically with regards to the Intellectual Property rights after submission.

Like the previous method, you can submit your design services at

Another great site is Services offered on this site are high in demand.

6. Web Design
Because first impressions count, all websites need good web design. However, not all websites are created equal. Some are nicer to look at, some are so-so, and others look outdated or just plain yuck.

Web design can pay a lot, but you will need to compete with many strong web designers. This should not be a discouragement, but a challenge that can be overcome!

In web design, you will have to concern yourself greatly with things like layout, color schemes, font faces and more. However, more important than the individual components of design is your ability to deliver a consistent look across all pages of the website.

There has to be a “theme” and also a seamless overall look that binds the whole website together. Even a slight shift in the position of the header or footer can be a jarring and unfavorable experience for the user.

Here are some things you will want to keep in mind: color theory, size and proportion of page elements, readability, bandwidth load, and user- friendliness. It’s a lot to keep in mind, but these are all essential for any great website design.

Discussing each of these would take a whole book in itself, so we had best leave them at that.

There’s a common joke about how web designers face problems with the translation of the clients’ wishes into the design. At most, this is only a half- joke. As a web designer, you will need to have very high quality communication with your client, and we are not talking about the clarity of your webcam and microphone.

You and your client should be able to converse and exchange ideas with each party understanding what’s being discussed. Without this communication, you will end up doing many revisions and facing much frustration.

7. Web Development
If web design concerns itself with the appearance of the webpages, web development concerns itself with the underlying structure of the website. To give an analogy, web designers are responsible for the control panel with all the buttons, bells, and whistles, while web developers ensure that all the wires are laid out and attached correctly.

However, that analogy is oversimplifying it. A web developer’s world is highly technical, with many different technologies to consider. Aside from knowing these technologies, a web developer also needs to think about how they can be applied and integrated with each other. Compatibility can mean the difference between a few copy-and-pasted program statements and a programming purgatory.

Web developers use various technologies that enable websites to work as they do. Databases, security, bandwidth management, responsiveness, and so many technical criteria keep web developers busy. There is no end to the demand for these services, and if you can deliver high-quality results hen you can find yourself rolling in the dough.

Compared to the other proven methods to make money online, web development is the most technical and logical. Programming is not just knowing the code structures and constructs; it is also a mindset. Logic is essential because not only does it enable the programmer to construct the website in an organized and efficient manner, but it also allows succeeding programmers to
understand the code easily.

This is one method that you cannot just jump into. It will require training and practice, not to mention self-promotion to get clients. It is not for the faint of heart, but the potential rewards are appropriately great too. Once you get your skills up to par, build a few websites on free hosts so you can have something to show in your portfolio. Also, don’t forget to build and trick out your own website, so potential customers can get a feel for what you can do for them.

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