As I begin my journey down the path of becoming a Sales Funnel Architect, as well as becoming knowledgeable about ClickFunnels, there is nothing more powerful than hearing about other successful people.

I love these two stories. For one, as of today, I have never created a funnel and quite honestly, don’t know the ClickFunnels software quite yet. But, I am confident that I have the aptitude to learn and hence why I’ve signed up for the Funnel Hacking Live event in 2019, and hearing inspiring stories gets my engines revved up for what is to come.

You see, I can relate to the beginning of these stories because they too, attended a Funnel Hacking Live event and were in their infancy stages of learning about ClickFunnels and all that goes with it. I know that I will be sitting in the audience looking up at speakers like these ladies who I want to emulate and will also hope that one day I, too, would be stepping on the stage because I’ve earned a place among the best.

If you have the time, watch these videos and be inspired. I love ordinary to extraordinary stories, because it gives me hope. Do you want hope for something extra special to happen in your career, business or livelihood? Me too!