You are probably asking the question “who is this person” and “why should I follow her journey” – and I want to provide you with the answer…

I turned 40 last year and unlike most women, I actually love aging. The main reason is that as we age, we become wiser, more appreciative and we are typically better off than our younger years.  I have an amazing husband and 3 beautiful young children.

I come from a broken home of multiple parents who all love me dearly, through the hard and easy times of my life. I have a unique story and I won’t bore you at this moment, but I’m a mutt of ethnic backgrounds including Asian, Caucasian and a little bit of American Indian and African American. My late father was military and we moved a lot…and I mean a lot. My mother and step-father live in Asia currently and I have 1 full sibling and 5 half siblings, 3 of whom I’ve only met once in my life due to geographic limitations. I have an amazing step-mother of 33+ years who is the kindest woman I have ever met. I am also blessed with a wealth of close friends who I consider to be family as well.

I would consider myself to be Type A 80% of the time and if there is one thing I love most – it is helping people. I’m super creative. I’m extremely resourceful. I’m street smart. I’m athletic…and I’m a super nerd! In high school I was on the traveling math team, french club, ran track, played saxophone in the band and was the only girl on the guys’ soccer team. Aside from babysitting, my first job was as a lifeguard at a waterpark that turned into 5 years of being the Aquatics Director over all of the other lifeguards.

I went away to college and had a lot of fun, wasn’t exactly the the top of my class, but I would say I was above average. I worked 3-4 jobs at a time during college from lifeguard, teaching swim lessons, telefund supervisor, math tutor, teacher’s aid and the fun job – as a bartender. I interned at Merrill Lynch my junior year and A.G. Edwards my senior year. Upon graduation, I was striving to be a Financial Advisor, but due to Y2K and the financial downturn in our economy in 1999, I went to work at the corporate office of A.G. Edwards in marketing instead of becoming a broker.

After 5 years at AGE, I left to work for the largest manufacturer of thermoformed plastics for 3 years in Marketing. I then got recruited to work for a Technology recruiting company where I was the Director of Marketing Communications for 7 years. Left there and worked for a Business Intelligence and Data Analytics firm for a short stint where I was high-pressured into taking another job with a Fortune 100 Technology company, where I have been for nearly 5 years now.

So, at this moment in time, I work a corporate job. To say I love it, would be a half truth. I believe that we can all choose to love our jobs, but the reality is that we have bigger dreams…most that are never realized. I love my job enough to feel it is the best ‘corporate’ job for me – I have the best boss in the world, I enjoy the work that I do, I love the clients that I serve and most of all – I don’t hate waking up and going to work. It took me 15 years to pave my way to finding this job and I am super appreciative that I get to work with the team that I do on a daily basis.

BUT, I have bigger dreams. I have this inner voice telling me on a quite frequent basis, that I’m meant for more. I have these hamsters in my head that are cranking out ideas upon ideas. I have spent more money than I’d like to admit on figuring out ways to build online passive income streams, on my own, DIY style. I know I have the aptitude, the mindset and the characteristics to see these ideas to realization. However, I also know that I can be lazy in that life is pretty good and if I did nothing to change my current lifestyle, I’d be happy and somewhat content. But call me greedy, I want more. I want more for my family. I want more for myself. And I want more for all of those strangers who I hope to meet one day who I can help.

To get there, you have to do things you haven’t done before. Sure I’ve purchased numerous courses that tell me what to do step-by-step…but why do I get bored after a few modules. What I’ve learned is that I have what it takes to learn new and often difficult tools and software, but I need the perfect mixture of expert advice plus technology to really see a difference. I’ve made money online. I’ve helped others do the same. But I know there is another level that I’m not on…and it isn’t that far away…I just need to figure out the pathway to getting there.

So signing up for Funnel Hacking Live 2019 was my new, first step. I am planning to immerse myself in all things Russell Brunson, a man I want to emulate even if it is only by 10%, then rinse and repeat.

I have built over 100 websites, created 100s of logos, made a 1000 videos and have helped over 500 small businesses and 100s of large businesses and nonprofits with some piece of their marketing. What I have found out to be my secret sauce is helping people. I would do it for free and have for 90% of the projects I’ve done outside of corporate life and will continue to help many small businesses throughout my life. However, I also know there is a way to do what I love and make money at the same time. So why don’t I just charge for websites, logos, videos, marketing? Because that would be the easy way to make money. I believe that when you charge people – it changes the relationship a bit – there is an added pressure or even friction. These websites and graphics were all done in my spare time, time that is few and far between with a busy family life, work life and social activities. But I have been so passionate about helping these friends and acquaintances that I have always made the time. But I tend to put my ideas and dreams last.

2019 though, is going to be a new year. As I prepare for Funnel Hacking Live, I am going to “make” the time to learn and immerse myself in all things related to Funnel Hacking. Because if I strive to be a sales funnel architect, then I’ve got to put the work in. Because I refuse to be upset by the results I didn’t get, by the work I didn’t do…any longer.

There is way more to me than this single post, and I would love to have you ride along side me on my journey to transforming my life into a higher purpose, so please follow me. I’m an extremely honest and caring person. I love people. I love their stories and I never judge people because I truly believe that everyone has a story and some will make you cry…and others are so motivating and inspiring, they bring us hope!